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Uxi Mufti, a Pakistani folklorist, social scientist, cultural expert of repute and author of many books including “Measuring the Intangible“. He is the founder of Lok Virsa, The National Heritage Museum, Islamabad- a project that uxi muftihas spanned over forty years of labor of love in detail and sensitivity. His work has been recognized internationally through many national and International awards including the Sitar-e-Imtiaz and the Asia Prize for Culture 2006, Japan. Follow the link below for award citation: http://www.asianmonth.com/prize/english/winner/17_04.html

Awarded Certificate of Honorary Citizenship by the City of Memphis Tennessee, USA for outstanding contribution in Cultural Studies & Preservation of Culture.

Awarded Japan Cultural Foundation research project on Documentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Central Asia and the Indus Valley with Prof. Dr. Tsuge and Prof. Harumi Koshiba of the Tokai University of Fine Arts.Editor of series of audio visual productions as Educational Materials on Asia by Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO ACCU, Tokyo.Honorary President for Asia and Pacific, World Crafts Council, an NGO affiliated to UNESCO in Category-I for Skill Development 1990-94.

Cultural Consultant for Agha Khan Foundation Geneva. Agha Khan Cultural Services and Community Development Programme in Hunza. UNESCO Cultural Consultant for Central Asia 1996,Unesco Expert for MANAS MILLENIUM Kyrgyzstan. Winner of Asian Broadcasting Union Award for A/V presentation “ The Circarama Box” Culture and Societies along the Indus river.

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  1. moin uddin says:

    I need phone No of uxi Mufti Sahab

    • Editor says:

      giving phone number is not allowed. you can send him message on facebook. seek further information from the admins of mumtaz mufti facebook group.

  2. Shah jahan says:

    I’m a big fan of Sir Mamtaz mufti. I have read his novel Ali pur ka Aeeli many times. & Now I’m eager to see his family especially his first wife. Can i get thier pics?

  3. Osama Bin Shakeel says:

    Today, he came to our university. What a person.. Extremely grateful.. Alot of knowledge about culture and heritage.. ✨

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