Qudrat Ullah Shahab

Qudrat Ullah Shahab met Mumtaz Mufti for the very first time in Qudratullah-ShahabKarachi. It was the time when mufti was working in capacity of Personal Assistant to Hafeez Jalandhri along with Ahmed Bashir and Ibn e Insha. Qudrat Ullah Shahab was serving as Principal Secretary to President Field Marshal General Muhammad Ayub Khan. Mumtaz Mufti has acquaintance with Qudrat Ullah Shahab as mutual friend of Ashfaq Ahmed. Shahab helped Mufti in his previous job during an enquiry; this incident is described in detail in AlakhNagri.

Shahab had taken the initiative to be friends of Mumtaz Mufti. Mr. Shahab has written this in one of his article, “This is a reality that when I met Mumtaz Mufti for the first time, I decided at once that this person is of my type, warmness, like a hot spring of Sulphur, frigidness like a frozen glacier, softness like Vick of a clay lamp dipped in mustered oil for a long period of time, sharpness like barber’s shaver, if in the mood of sweetness, so sweet like pitcher of syrup, otherwise unsympathetic dull and indifferent person who speaks the most bitterest, but the reality of his heart in such a casual way like he is predicting the weather, it seems like Qudrat Ullah Shahab was finding a person of his own type in Mumtaz Mufti and he a has selected him even before he met, by asking an excuse for his help in buying philosophy books, made him roam with him. As time passed Mumtaz Mufti slowly realized that in the personality of Qudrat Ullah Shahab there are some hidden dimensions that cannot be discovered by his formal visitors and he keeps it hidden deliberately.

The doors of mysterious world were opened to Mumtaz Mufti before going to Karachi, courtesy to Bhaijan and Allah Bakhsh, Mufti named this world as Alakh Nagri later.

In Rawalpindi there was a large number of such people among his friends who were interested in Sufism and it was possible to discuss these thoughts with them, but in Karachi Ahmed Bashir and his nephew and a friend Qaiser were not even far away from Sufism, but completely denier, they were rational intellectuals , they were not only denier of intuition, revelation, Kashf and dignities (miracles), but not even interested to know, under these conditions he found a prop in the shape of Mumtaz Mufti, who not only respects his thoughts but also gave them importance, the interest of Mumtaz Mufti was even increased when his sufi teacher Bhaijan , Jan Muhammad Butt granted him the title SITARA and started giving him exceptional importance.

Letters of Bhaijan to Mumtaz Mufti were continued and it was known from these letters that mard-e-qalandar Sainallah Bakhsh had a special plan about Pakistan’s integrity and prosperity, to accomplish this plan the services of Sitarai.e-Qudrat Ullah Shahab were of utmost importance.

For this great mission he had the help of many spiritual personalities, Sainallah Baksh was also one of them, who with the help of Bhaijan and perhaps directly helping Qudrat Ullah Shahab spiritually. It is revealed from these letters that Bhaijan and Sarkar Qibla Sainallah Baksh thinks that the actual purpose of the appointment of Qudrat Ullah Shahab at President House was to effect the important decisions of government of Pakistan and to mould these decisions in Islamic way, so it was very important for Qudrat Ullah Shahab to be in President House.

It should be made clear that at that time Shahab was not familiar with Bhaijan or Sain Allah Baksh nor they ever met, but when Mumtaz Mufti came to know that he was sent to Karachi just to make a relationship with Shahab and to bring him to Sain Allah Baksh, he was astonished and he had a chance to observe some occurrences in Karachi, which make a hollow of greatness and secrets around the personality of Shahab, for example a letter of a person from South India was received who was paralysed for 25 years and his only hobby was to pray to Allah, he was financially strong and he considered his sickness the blessing from skies, which has made him to communicate with Allah, he wrote that I don’t know anything about you but from one or two years I had a desire to write you a letter, I did not know that you are appointed for very special services, so I pray for you regularly, may Allah bless you and you become successful in your mission and that will comefor which we all are waiting.

The contents of letter can be astonishing for any person who don’t know about the procedure of sufi world, but as Mumtaz Mufti was standing on the gateway of Sufism those days, so his astonishment changed into strong belief and devotion, then another incident happened, a dark skinny person came from Hydrabad Dakkan and he dressed down Qudrat Ullah Shahab in English.

Flay you alive, put bran on you and put in the sun-‘’ we don’t give warnings, we just cut the name out the list’’, you are a lucky chap…

Mr Shahab was unaware of his name and address just for the verification of his good luck he asked, who he had been sent from, but he told that he is only a messenger and that’s enough for you. One day Mr Shahab went to the inspection of jail with President Ayyub, the warden of the jail told him that a person in the death cell wants to meet him, when Shahab went to visit that prisoner he met an eunuch who simply gave a big dressing down by telling him that I am here only to tell you that you are not working properly, do you think that you were sent here to accomplish his orders, its wrong, you are not here to accomplish his orders, but to take your own decisions, don’t worry about him he will not be a hurdle, he also said that I had to be a prisoner here to have a chat with you, I knew that you will come for inspection here today, when Mumtaz enquired Shahab about this incident he simply said in avoiding that a person with a death warrant has lost his mental balance but when his wife Iffat Shahab tried to find out it was known that he was not guilty but was arrested from a nearby market for quarreling and was in this cell for warning, but the cell was found empty next day, perhaps someone released him.

Mumtaz Mufti was hardly became familiar with environment of Karachi when the capital of Pakistan changed from Karachi to Islamabad and he got a chance to work under Shahab in President House as OSD, here he came to know more about the spiritual status of Shahab. On the tomb of Sain Allah Baksh he was officially awarded with the sacred turban, but he made a guess from Shahab’s talking and style that Shahab does not consider this award as a matter of pride for him but Bhaijan and his believers were very happy and proud of him.

Mumtaz Mufti also came to know that Shahab was getting instructions from the unseen world, these instructions were not only personal but also about the government affairs and about duties and responsibilities, for example once a farmer came to visit the Presidency, Shahab sent Mumtaz Mufti as he was busy to meet him and he told that he met a camel rider on a nearby road, who has sent a massage to Qudrat Ullah Shahab, massage was that the writing was wrong and the once he torn off after writing that was actually right, Mumtaz Mufti thought that he was an unknown person, but when Shahab heard this massage, he collected all the pieces of papers from the waste bin and requested to Mumtaz Mufti to re-assemble them and when the papers were re-assembled then it was revealed that it is was about a very important article of the constitution and it was about Islam.

In those days the contents of Mumtaz Mufti’s dairies are mostly comprising about the topics like spiritual incidences, meeting with sufi’s and dreams with broad hints, he described many of these incidents in his different books.

Mumtaz Mufti had mentioned in his writings about an advocate of Khushab Abdul Ghafoor. Abdul Ghafoor wrote regularly to President Ayub Khan and Shahab and he use to give them advices on different affairs.

He was a worshipper and he made his habit to pray regularly in “tahajud” prayers for Shahab to have child. At last he was the one who gave Shahab the good news of a son. Mumtaz Mufti has frequently mentioned in his daily writings about Abdul Ghafoor, letters and instructions given by him.

What exactly was the mission for which Shahab was being sent to Holland, Egypt and at last Jeddah and that it was above the countries interest and greater mission and what preparation to be made by Qudratullah Shahab.

All these questions must have come to Mumtaz Mufti’s mind and he must have tried to know the answers as well, but he kept his silence. In Alakh Nagri, he has only mentioned that Shahab chose Holland as ambassador, because he wanted to perform “mujahida” and that there was the world’s largest Islamic library and it also got a huge collection of hand written books/documents.

By the time he felt that what the broad mindedness, greatness and strength of character is in the personality of Shahab cannot be seen in any other person. The most important quality in Shahab’s personality was humility and modesty. He always tries to hide his spiritual powers.

And he only expressed those when in the state of overflow, means that he was in such a state of swooning where he even did not care about disclosure of his secrets. He always avoided to create sense of guilt in others by reminding them their faults and mistakes.

He was very fond of social work but he never insisted on it, if he could not help anyone even if he wanted then he never became disappointed and considered it as Allah’s will and surrender to it. In personal matters it was also his routine that he never tried more than three times for any purpose if he failed three times he never tried to do it again, he never tried to boast off about his piety, righteousness, honesty and truthfulness and he never tried to consider others inferior or sinful, unlike he always took keen interest in the people who were astray from the right path, he became close to them, tried to get their trust and instead of criticizing their behaviour just tried to change their thoughts in an intangibleway.

He had laid the foundation of his character on the bases of complete following the teaching of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). In all the circumstances before taking any decision he always tried to think that in this situation what decision had been taken by the Holy Prophet (SAWW), he was a very devout and a regular practitioner of “mujahida” but always tried to keep it secret.

Mumtaz Mufti has mentioned the qualities of Shahab that made him worth following, the books published after the death of Shahab includes ”zikr-e-Shahab” published by Urdu Science Board, and Mard-e-Baraisham by Bano Qudsia became very popular among others, besides these the collection of his letters also got published “mard-e baresham” is the book about private views in which Bano Qudsia had tried to describe a character sketch of Mr Shahab with respect of herself and her family. “zikr-e-Shahab” is the collection of views and articles from persons having different ideas and views, these includes Shahab’s close friends Mumtaz Mufti, Ashfaq Ahmed and the writer of “Aiwan-e- Sadr men sola saal” and it also includes the views and articles from the office staff of Shahab M. B. Khalid, Mukhtar Zaman, A. Hameed, Zulfiqar Ahmed Tabish, Muhammad Ajmal Niazi, Mirza Adeeb, Masood Qureshi, Nazir Ahmed, Ehsan Akbar, Mansha Yaad, Rasheed Amjad, Jalila Ali and Dr. Nawazish Ali.

The character sketch of Mr.Shahab’s personality came into mind after reading these articles did not differs much from the one that made by Mumtaz Mufti.

So, Mumtaz Mufti after all the respect and love he had, didn’t think about Shahab as a supernatural personality but is a living, made of flesh human, who can make mistakes and gaffes and who knows how to solve the life’s problems with his own methods. It seems that Mumtaz Mufti had found Shahab struggling in a different way for the same mission which was of utmost importance for him too. With that he not only studied about the exceptional attributes of Shahab’s private life, but also witnessed the happenings of off beat incidents.

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    I came across your article while searching for Jan Muhammad Butt. He was my great-grandfather and all i know of him is what my mom and nani tell me. I’d like to know more. I also have letters shared between him and shahab sahab and mufti saheb and a lot more. Ibne Inshawas also his son in law so my eagerness to learn more about these people is only natural.
    Could you please get in touch?

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      share the letters you have .. we will publish it with your name or we might make a corner with your name on our website.

      we tried to reach back to you via email you provided however there occurred an error

      • Rasheed says:

        Sir ~Did you manage to get those letters, I am eager to hear the story of bhai jaan.

        Further pls advise if any living bhai jaan of Saeen Allah Baksh and exact location of his tomb.



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